We have entered into a partnership agreement with Eira hospital / medical center. If you are a member of Eira's health club, you get a discount on the cards of both Proud Pilates and SILTA JOOGA PILATES studios. You can view the cards and prices in question from the prepaid card list of our booking service (the cards are the last on the list). Create an account and buy a card. After the purchase, we will ask you by e-mail for the code you received in the health club's member newsletter.

Come now to proactively take care of your body and mind at our beautiful studios under the guidance of professional teachers for either group or private classes. If you want private classes, please contact us! We teach in Finnish, English, French and Italian.


As happy news, we can tell you that our range of classes is becoming more diverse. In August, we will also start barre classes. YOU CAN COME TO BARRE CLASS DIRECTLY so you don't need any beginner's course! It is easy and you will learn the basics fast at the class. Note! Proud barre introduction and cancellation of Proud barre weekly classes always no later than 12 hours before the class. After that, the class will no longer be returned to your card.

In the future, you will be able to buy a 1/5 barre card or a combination card of 5xbarre + 5xreformer classes at a nice price of 245€!


Welcome to barre!

You don't have to have a dance, ballet or pilates background and you don't have to keep pace when you come to barre! You can come directly to the weekly class, even if you are not familiar with barre.

We do Barre next to the bar and the class does not include any choreography or steps on the open floor.

Wear flexible clothes and socks if you want. Welcome!

Read about paying with the exercise benefit here.

Barre is an engaging, effective and stimulating workout for the whole body, which is done with a ballet bar and a mat, sometimes also using small equipment, e.g. small dumbbells, sliders, rubber bands or a pilates ball.

Barre develops endurance and activates the deep muscles that raise posture, working especially the buttocks, thighs and mid-body, so your posture improves and you can support your body better. The small muscles of the foot also get stronger, which can help with various foot challenges.

In barre, the movements are safe and alignment is important, just like in yoga and pilates. It is also suitable as a recovery exercise from pregnancy. Music is used in the class, but there is no choreography and you don't have to have any dance background to come to barre, so everyone can come to barre class!

Barre is the most popular form of training in the world and for no reason; it is super effective, engaging and results are produced quickly. After an hour, you will feel empowered and organized!


The spring term ends on June 18, 2023.

Our studio is mostly closed until August 1., after which classes start gradually.

There are equipment classes already in July, you can see all the summer classes in the reservation service.

The autumn season starts in full on August 14, 2023. If you want to purchase the card and reserve your favourite class before the season's start, please email us which date you would like your card to start!