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Equipment pilates Punavuori

Groups and privates. 

Reformer pilates start only 27€!

We offer a good selection of reformer classes for groups in cozy Punavuori, Helsinki. 

In case you would like to have a private class, please contact us.

A pilates studio full of sunshine.

Beautiful handmade equipment guarantee that your class is always of super quality.

Our sunny pilates studio in Punavuori has 6 handmade classical reformers, a cadillac, two wunda chairs, ped-o-pull, baby barrel, high chair and a ladder barrel.

Flexible, professional and committed.

Join the classes with 1/5/10/15 x cards. We offer professional teaching and fun classes throughout the week for groups, privates, your groups of friends or work teams.

Join our mailing list, ask questions, ask for an offer for your own group, birthday etc! We don't spam, that is a promise. 

Join us!

Make the best decision of your life. Buy the card and join the class!