Best class for me

Not sure which class / level is right for you? How to get started? Check out the information below and then see how to do the purchase here and study the class types.


Have you never even seen a reformer before?

Equipment Pilates is started through INTRODUCTION. Group introductions are held almost every week. You can see the times in the booking service (link below) and you can buy the "Proud reformer introduction" prepaid card and book your own spot from the same place. 

In the introduction, you get to know the equipment and do basic movements. You are also entitled to buy once a 4 time card as your first card. You get it at its best price at the introduction.

If you want to start right away, a private class is the best choice for you! Alone or with a friend!

After the introduction, we can decide together what kind of class card we think suits you best.


Have already had experience on the reformer in a private or group format?

Then simply purchase the prepaid card, pick the appropriate class level for your experience,  and book in for a session. If you are a new customer at Proud Pilates, you are entitled to buy once a 4 time card as your first card. 

If you want a private session or sessions, please contact us!

If you're not sure about your class level - just reach out to us via the "contact us" page and we'll respond with guidance as to which is best.


Have an injury? Maybe you're recovering from an injury?

Perhaps you're pregnant or have recently given birth?

If you have already agreed with your doctor that you can start exercise, the best thing to do in this situation is to email via the contact us form and giving us a quick rundown of your situation - and then we will happily advise the best approach for you.


You already have a group of super enthusiastic people ready to come and do reformer Pilates!


Perhaps you all want to have an introduction to the reformers at the same time?

Or make it part of a team building day?

Or you simply want to book a regular private group slot for the same number of people at the same time every single week.

Whatever the reason, just drop us an email via the contact us form and we can arrange this to suit your needs.