What is apparatus / equipment pilates?

When you want to challenge your body in a whole new way, welcome to the equipment pilates class! If you've taken mat classes, equipment pilates brings a whole new level to your training and a lot of new, interesting things to learn, but: equipment pilates is suitable for everyone, regardless of the starting level, and you don't need to have mat pilates experience beforehand. Equipment pilates develops your body's strength, mobility and motor skills.

Joseph Pilates, the developer of the Pilates method, designed different equipment for practicing his method in addition to mat training. Most of these devices are based on the regulation of spring resistance, whereby by using spring resistance, the body is strengthened in a variety of ways and mobility is increased through dynamic movements. Other devices at Proud Pilates, such as the wunda chair, cadillac and high chair are largely based on spring regulation, which increases the demands of the exercise and develops overall body control. At Proud Pilates studio, you practice with Pilates Scandinavian reformers, cadillac, wundachair and ladder barrel, as well as Legacy's Electric high chair and baby barrel and Contrology ped-o-pull and with small equipment.

Reformer class types

Check out the range of classes and services we offer. The most important thing is that you practise on regular basis - then you can actually feel and see the difference in your body and mind. If in doubt about the suitability of the class, just reach out to us!

NB - Because the reformers are upholstered and built for comfort, we kindly request that you don't wear anything containing sharp zips or edges. This is also for your comfort when moving around the machine too.


Before coming to foundation level classes come and join a private introduction class (55min.) or a group introduction (55-75 min.) where you make friends with the reformer and learn the basic movements. You might get sweaty (yes, pilates tends to do that!) but feel heavenly after the practise - that is a promise! We have intros on regular base. So, you can ask for a private intro or join the group intro!

(If you feel a little nervous or unsure of what to expect, we recommend you to have a private session.)


Learn the building blocks of the Pilates reformer work.

Do not be fooled by the name though, you will challenge your body also on this level!

It's about finding deep connections to your muscles and learning how to control your body on the machine to prepare it for faster paced and deeper work in future classes.


Suitable for beginners but open to all.

If you have any major injuries or are pregnant/recently given birth, a private session is required first.


Take your practice to the next level.

Using the foundation exercises you have already learned, we will add new and more challenging movements to your repertoire.

You will learn to work more autonomously and learn how to challenge yourself more now that you have a deeper understanding of your body.

Yes, sweat towels are needed!


If you are brand new to reformer, then at least 5-10 'Foundation' sessions are required.

This class is suitable for you if you have previous intermediate experience.

Pregnant clients please contact us before booking.


Pace, power, control, sweat!

You've been practicing hard for some time and you want to take it to the next level.

Well, this is the class for you! Don't be afraid, be intrigued!

This class takes all of your important foundation and intermediate work and adds on some of the most challenging (and rewarding!) work in the reformer repertoire.

As you know, sweat towels and water are needed!


Talk to your teacher before booking into the class.


As the class name suggests - this class is open to all levels.

That said - you should have had at least one private session or a few 'Foundation' lessons under your belt so that you are at least familiar with the reformer.

The class will go through the foundation exercise series plus some extra options, but there is plenty of space for modifications.


At least one private reformer session or enough 'Foundation' classes that you're feeling a little bit familiar with the reformer equipment.


Jump, sweat, smile, find your inner child!

Although jumpboard never fails to invoke a sense of fun - this class is tough on the muscles and requires a surprising amount of control and muscle connection!

Sweat towels are needed!


Open level - a working understanding of the basic reformer is required.

Not suitable for your first class. Also not suitable for pregnant/recently postnatal clients or those with major/recent ankle, knee, hip injuries.

If in doubt about the suitability of this class, just reach out to us!


The reformer, you and bump too! Please contact us for a private session - we do not offer prenatal or after pregnancy classes in groups at the moment.

These classes are specifically tailored for the growing, pregnant body in order to help you keep as strong as possible throughout your trimesters and prepare you for delivery.

The class will give you many options throughout the session to help you safely challenge yourself and your body as much or as little as you would like.


Open level for all pregnant clients. If you are brand new to Pilates or have any prenatal specific conditions or existing injuries then please email us first and we will advise what the best training approach would be for you.


It's all about you!

Maybe it's your first time and you want to know what Pilates is all about? Or you just want to dedicate an hour to yourself and get a totally personalised service? Perhaps you have an injury or are recovering from surgery and need guidance getting into a new exercise routine?

Private equipment sessions comprise of 55 minutes with a teacher, utilising a combination of the cadillac, wundachair, reformer and small props.

This session really is about a prescriptive approach to your body and your movement.

There are no prerequisites as such - but if you have very specific needs - contact us in advance so we can match you with the most appropriate teacher.


Bring a friend!

Duets are a similar concept as a private session - except you get to do it with a friend/colleague/partner.

The service you receive is still prescriptive and personalised - but with the added bonus of being able to text the other person the following day to compare how much your different muscle groups are hurting in comparison to your own!


Barre is an engaging, effective and stimulating workout for the whole body, which is done with a ballet barre and a mat, sometimes also using small equipment, e.g. small dumbbells, sliders, rubber bands or a pilates ball.

Barre develops endurance and activates the deep muscles that raise posture, working especially the buttocks, thighs and mid-body, so your posture improves and you can support your body better. The small muscles of the foot also get stronger, which can help with various foot challenges.

In barre, the movements are safe and alignment is important, just like in yoga and pilates. It is also suitable as a recovery exercise from pregnancy. Music is used in the class, but there is no choreography and you don't have to have any dance background to come to the barre, so everyone can come to the barre class!

Barre is the most popular form of training in the world and for no reason; it is super effective, engaging and results are produced quickly. After the class you will feel empowered and organized!

You can come to Proud barre classes with a Proud barre card or a combination card 5xreformer + 5xbarre, which you can only buy at the studio.