Who are we

All our teachers are professionals and we are passionate about offering high-quality equipment pilates in Helsinki. All our teachers teach also in English.


Owner/Teacher (Finnish, English)

Tuula is a pilates, yoga and barre teacher and founder/entrepreneur of SILTA JOOGA PILATES. As of summer 2022, she is also the owner of Proud Pilates. In addition, she is a mother, the happy servant of a small miniature dachshund, and an MBA with a long career in global business life.

Tuula's background is in jazz dance as well as a wide range of different sports over the years. 

She is a PilatesHealth instructor from the Finnish Institute of Health and Fitness and have completed the Pilates instructor and Equipment Pilates advanced trainings at Somatic Studio and under the leadership of Heikki Lempiäinen. She is also a certified yoga and barre teacher. At the moment she practises and studies classical pilates with Kati Pylkkänen (Aitopilates). Tuula's passion is the human body and anatomy, so she constantly educates herself in the field of anatomy as well.

"Words can't describe the impact pilates can have on one's body. You just have to try it yourself. I can say this from my own experience as I can see the difference in my own body after starting to practice pilates on regular basis. I have never been so strong and flexible as I am now. Also, different stages of life might demand different kind of movement. Welcome to my classes at Proud Pilates and Silta!" 


Teacher (Finnish, English)

Ulla is a pilates professional with solid experience guiding you gently and purposefully. As a career changer, Ulla completely changed her life in 2004 when she started to study different body management methods, first training as a Method Putkisto instructor in 2004, and from there she continued with pilates instructor studies, first mat pilates in 2006 and equipment pilates in 2011. At the same time, she also completed physiotherapy subject studies and sports medicine studies. Ulla has also worked at Somatic Studio as a trainer for pilates instructors and other exercise professionals in the years 2011-2019.

The people who strongly influenced Ulla's Pilates instruction are Pilates teacher, Alexander technique teacher Mitsi Pippa (1958-2015), whose watchmaker's precise guidance and teaching she enjoyed for many years, and Jennifer Stacey M.S (1963-2021) Pilates second generation teacher's teacher, exercise physiologist/biomechanist, whose numerous trainings she has had the pleasure of participating in and of course many other trainers, colleagues and above all customers, whom Ulla herself learns all the time while teaching. In her own teaching, she relies on original movements and movement sequences with their variations, but also actively studies what new information is available about movement and the human body and takes it into account in her teaching.


Teacher (Finnish, English)

Anna-Mari is a pilates instructor, piano pedagogue and master of music born in Seinäjoki in southern Ostrobothnia. Pilates, in its various forms, has been an important part of her life for over ten years.

Anna-Mari graduated as a SomaticPilates instructor from the Somatic Center in 2018, and she completed the Reformer equipment instructor training in spring of 2022 under the guidance of Heikki Lempiäinen.

Anna-Mari is an intense and curious learner by nature. She visualizes flowing movement, its control and esthetics as an important part of a balanced, good life. Anna-Mari's long experience as a pedagogue in the field of music brings a pleasant, multifaceted dialogue to pilates guidance and body control. She enjoys putting words to different phenomena, and often lets her thoughts and imagination flow when teaching.

In Anna-Mari's opinion, practicing pilates roots and stabilizes the body and mind both at work and in everyday life. Controlled and focused movement brings strength, flexibility and a good feeling.


Teacher (English, Italian, French, Finnish)

Anna is a highly experienced and dedicated movement instructor, specializing in both Pilates and Gyrotonic.

Anna is originally from Italy, but has lived for years around Europe. In her class you can hear English, Italian, French and also a bit of Finnish!

With over 18 years of successful teaching experience, she brings knowledge of wealth and expertise to her clients. She has a Cranio Sacrale certification as well.

Anna comes from a background of dancing. She worked in several dance companies all over Europe for 20 years. She was working and living in Finland for many years, and now she is happy to return and she will also focus on learning the Finnish language.

After several injuries, Anna has experienced firsthand how effective Pilates and Gyrotonic are as exercises and rehabilitation. She has tools for training that can prevent injuries and, if necessary, rehabilitate.

Due to her dancing background, Anna is a great teacher for the "Reformer for dancers" class, because she knows what challenges especially dancers face in their work.

She has a very good knowledge of human anatomy, so she can 'read' your body, detect physical issues and customize workouts to meet your personal needs. Not only does Anna have certification and experience, she is also supportive, imaginative and passionate about her work. Join Anna and experience the power of Pilates as you discover a stronger, more balanced, and healthier you.


Teacher (Finnish, English)

Taika is a young, energetic and encouraging pilates instructor who represents the younger generation. She started Classic Pilates 3 years ago and graduated as an instructor under the training of Nina Saarinen at the Pilates Circle studio. Despite her young age, Taika has strong skills and an approach to teaching - she can really distinguish the essential core of pilates and still articulate it fluently in classes.

Taika completes her training in Uno Pilates Zurich - Principle of Guidance 2024 - Miguel Silva and Dominique Band's teaching in Switzerland.

Taika thinks that the most amazing thing about body is what a strong and healthy body can do, not what the body looks like. For Taika, Pilates is as much an exercise for the mind as it is for the body. It cleanses and balances the thoughts. She says that the best part of training is that it is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

Taika is also the mother of two lovely dachshunds, so Proud now has 3 teachers with dachshunds!


We are a classical Pilates studio, and we honour the original method but with a flair for fun!

Everything we do is heavily invested in the work of Joseph Pilates - but we are a studio that is passionate about learning and we don't mind having a bit of out-of-the-box fun every now and again.


You can find our schedule and availability in the BOOK A CLASS page.


Proud Pilates was started in 2019 by Johanna. In summer 2022 there was a change of ownership as Tuula stepped in to take charge of the studio with a great team of teachers. Your card is valid at Proud Pilates and at SILTA JOOGA PILATES in Lauttasaari. At SILTA we offer a wide variety of equipment pilates (with modern Balanced Body Allegro reformers, EXO chairs and springboard) and also mat classes of pilates, yoga and barre. We arrange also yoga retreats and other special classes. Please check out the website joogakoulusilta.com

We hope to be able to offer you fun and sweaty classes so welcome to join our fantastic community in Punavuori and Lauttasaari!


Proud Pilates studio is located in the heart of the Punavuori district in southern Helsinki.

The studio address is Merimiehenkatu 29, Helsinki. Walk through the double metal doors, up the ramp to the inner courtyard and buzz up to us on the 3rd floor.

SILTA JOOGA PILATES studio is located in the heart of Lauttasaari in western Helsinki. We are 1 minute walk from metro and there is free parking space in front of the studio. The address is Tallbergin puistotie 7. www.joogakoulusilta.com


In 10 words?

Fun. Engaging. Passionate. Traditional. Energetic. Dynamic. Powerful. Therapeutic. Strong. Committed.