Paying with sports benefits

We accept: Smartum, e-passi, Edenred-virike. We also still accept physical vouchers.

Note you can also pay remotely for all exercise benefits via the benefit application. Then proceed as follows:

- download the app to your phone

- find a place SILTA JOOGA PILATES (both Silta and Proud Pilates customers)

- enter the amount of the card you want. See prices here.

- confirm payment

- we will automatically receive an email about your payment and enter the card for you in your reservation service's account, i.e. go and create an account in the reservation service (link box below).

If you have physical vouchers (Smartum, Edenred), please come to the studio and bring the notes and we will insert the card for you on the spot. Email us if so and we can agree when you can do this.

Note when paying with the sports benefit, the amount must be changed immediately to a prepaid class card, i.e. you cannot leave money in the "bank" for the future. So if you pay with benefit, contact us and tell us what kind of card you want. The validity period of the card starts with payment / when your previous card expires / at the beginning of the season.

If you only pay part of the card with the benefit, we will send a payment link to your e-mail for the remaining part (check your spam as well) and you can pay it with a credit card from home, after which we will enter the class card into the account you created in the varaaheti service. You don't need to care if some app says the payment is only valid for 15 minutes. Once you have confirmed the payment, it will be debited from your benefit account.

If you do not start using your card and it remains unused during the validity period, we are not obliged to replace the card or extend its validity period.

The reservation service is not connected to different sports benefit applications, which means you cannot directly pay with sports benefits in the reservation service. Ask about other payment methods!