Barre is an engaging, effective and stimulating workout for the whole body, which is done with a ballet barre and a mat, sometimes also using small equipment, e.g. small dumbbells, sliders, rubber bands or a pilates ball.

Barre develops endurance and activates the deep muscles that raise posture, working especially the buttocks, thighs and mid-body, so your posture improves and you can support your body better. The small muscles of the foot also get stronger, which can help with various foot challenges.

In barre, the movements are safe and alignment is important, just like in yoga and pilates. It is also suitable as a recovery exercise from pregnancy. Music is used in the class, but there is no choreography and you don't have to have any dance background to come to the barre, so everyone can come to the barre class!

Barre is the most popular form of training in the world and for a reason; it is super effective, engaging and results are produced quickly. After an hour, you will feel empowered and much taller!

You can come to Proud barre classes with a Proud barre card or a combination card 5xreformer + 5xbarre, which you can only buy at the studio. It doesn't matter if you haven't done Barre before - feel free to just come straight to class! ALSO READ NOW ABOUT THE BARRE OFFER!